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Infomation: Have fun in the complicated yet exciting Switchback Solitaire! This game is played with 2 decks of standard playing cards with all the King cards removed.
Cards from the stock pile, the circle or the discard piles can all be moved to the foundations.
Circle: A->6, Q->7, 7->Q, 6->A.
Each space on the circle can only be occupied by one card, but each of the discard piles can hold multiple cards in any suit and sequence.
A card on the discard pile can be moved to the circle, but a card on the circle cannot be moved back to the discard pile. The stock pile allows only one deal, but you have one chance to shuffle the cards on the discard piles by pressing the Shuffle button. Can you conquer the whirlwind maze of cards and come out victorious?
How to play: Mouse to interact with cards.
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