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Infomation: Euchre Solitaire is a single player version of the popular card game Euchre. The game begins by the player dealing himself 5 cards face up. This is the player's hand for the game. The player then deals another card, which he can Order Up for the deck, or choose to pass on. If the player order's up the card being shown, that suit will become trump, and it will be the first card played from the deck. If the player chooses to pass, he is then allowed to chose trump from any of the four suits. The game then proceeds like a trick taking game where the player plays agains the deck. The player plays any card from his hand, and then cards are dealt from the deck, until a card is dealt face up that is either of the same suit, or a trump card. If the player wins the trick, he chooses the next card to play, if the deck wins, the next card dealt from the deck is the one played. When the deck deals the first card in a trick, the player must follow suit if the player has a card of the suit dealt. If the player does not have a card of that suit, he may trump the card dealt, or throw away a card of another suit. The player must take at least 3 tricks to win the hand.
How to play: Use mouse to play the game.
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