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Infomation: The table consists of four 13-slot horizontal rows. Each slot can hold a single card. Deal a 52 card deck and place one card in each slot. Remove the aces, leaving four empty slots on the table and 48 cards in play.
- Every card is available for moving. You can move a card into a free space only if the card to the left of the space is of the same suit and exactly one lower in rank. Empty spaces in the leftmost column can only be filled with twos. No card can be moved to the right of a King.
- When no more moves are available (all gaps are to the right of a King) you can press the shuffle button to reshuffle the cards. This will pick up all cards that are not correctly placed yet, shuffle them and deal them randomly, again creating 4 empty spaces.
- Each game you can reshuffle the cards 3 times.
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How to play: Mouse to play.
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