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Infomation: Welcome to my update Golf Solitaire website. I've added a lot of games and put together a new theme & layout. I've kept the old versions around in case you preferred that, but I'm hoping you'll like the changes we've made.
How to play: To those who have never played Golf Solitaire, your goal is to remove all the cards from fthe columns by placing them in the waste pile at the bottom of the game screen. You do this by clicking a card that has a value of one greater than, or one less than the card currently on the top of the waste pile. If there is no card on the top of the waste pile you can click any card you want to start it out. You can also put an Ace on top of a King, or a King on top of an Ace. If you get stuck you can click the stock pile to add another card to the top of the waste pile. Hopefully this will let you continue. You win the game if you can remove all the cards from the columns, and the game is over if you run out of legal moves.
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