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Infomation: The Scorpion Solitaire rules indicate that any face-up card is available to play during any turn. To win Scorpion solitaire, you must build 4 piles on the table, each with a descending sequence of cards in the same suit, running from the king to the ace.
How to play: In Scorpion Solitaire the goal of the game is to arrange the cards in 4 columns in descending order, King to Ace. You can move any face-up card in a column to any other column where the card is one higher in value. Click the column of cards on the right to deal an additional, final set of 3 cards.Casual Mode: Cards can be placed independently of suit and you can place any card on an empty column.Normal Mode: Cards can be placed independently of suit but you can only place a King on an empty column.Difficult Mode: Cards can only be placed in order of the same suit and only a King can be placed on an empty column. Winning is very, very difficult in this mode!
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