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Infomation: In Bowling Solitaire game you play 10 pin bowling with cards. Cards from A to 10 of two suits are used. Ten cards are laid out face up as pin cards, they are arranged like the pins in a bowling game, i.e. in the form of an inverted triangle with 4 cards on each side. The remaining 10 cards are the ball cards, they are arranged in three piles of 5, 3, and 2 cards respectively, where only the top card in the piles are face up.
Each time you use a top card from the ball piles to knock off the pin cards. You can knock off a single pin card if the number is the same as the ball card. (Ex: 6=6, &=7, ...)
You can also knock off cards that are adjacent to each other (up to 3 cards at a time) if the sum of the numbers on the cards yields a number with the final digit the same as the ball card. (Ex: cards 5+6=1, cards 7+8+9=4, cards 10+6+7=3,...)
For the first ball card, you cannot knock off any of the pin cards in the back row, nor only knock off the single pin card at the centre. The knocked off pin cards and the ball card are removed, and you can continue to knock off pin cards with ball cards.
How to play: Use mouse to select cards.
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