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Infomation: The player's chance of winning a game of Canfield Solitaire is pretty low. Canfield Solitaire was designed to be used in a casino, and casinos tend to not like it when a player wins too often. Several variations of Canfield Solitaire have been created to make the game easier for a player to win. This version of Canfield Solitaire is Rainbow Canfield Solitaire. It has 2 rule changes to make the game easier. The first change is that the cards are dealt one at a time from the deck, instead of three at a time. This makes the game much easier for the player. The second change is the player may only reset the deck twice. This lessens the effect of the first change. Overall, Rainbow Canfield Solitaire is still a very challenging game, but is much more winnable than Canfield Solitaire.

How to play: Use mouse to play the game.

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