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Infomation: Belote Classic is a trick-taking card game from France. It is the national solitaire card game in France, and also played in Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg, Moldova, North Macedonia and Saudi Arabia. Belote is played with 4 players, using 32 cards from a French-suited deck. The game is played clockwise. The main skills required for Belote are card counting and strategy.
Belote is played with a French-suited deck of 32 cards, by removing the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s from a regular 52 card deck.
The ranking and the card value are different between trump suits and regular suits.
Cards in the trump suit rank highest to lowest as follows: J (20 points), 9 (14), A (11), 10 (10), K (4), Q (3), 8 (0), 7 (0).
Cards in a non-trump suit rank highest to lowest as follows: A (11 points), 10 (10), K (4), Q (3), J (2), 9(0), 8 (0), 7 (0).
How to play: Use mouse to interact with cards.
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