Play Antares Solitaire Game


Play Antares Solitaire game online: Move all the cards to the foundations.
Rules: - 4 foundation piles (top right) - build up in suit from Ace to King.
- 4 cells (top left) - storage locations for cards. Only 1 card allowed in each cell.
- 8 tableau piles (below foundations and cells) - on the left most 4 piles (called the Scorpion piles), build down in suit. Groups of cards (regardless of any sequence) can be moved. Fill spaces with Kings or groups of cards headed by a King. On the rightmost 4 piles (called the FreeCell piles), build down by alternate color. Only one card at a time may be moved. Spaces can be filled by any card or legal group of cards. At the start of the game 6 cards are dealt face up to the Scorpion piles, 7 cards are dealt face up to the FreeCell piles.
How to play: Mouse to play.
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