Play Accordion Solitaire Game


Infomation: Accordion is a patience or card solitaire using a single deck of playing cards. It is so named because it looks like accordion pleats, which have to be ironed out. The object is to compress the entire deck into one pile like an accordion.
How to play: Use mouse to interact.
When a row has run out of space, the next card will be dealt to the row below. If the top cards of two piles are of the same suit or rank, you can move a pile to another pile immediately to its left or separated to its left by two piles. For example, if the top cards on five piles are 8 of spades, 6 of spades, 10 of diamonds, 8 of hearts and Q of clubs, you can move the pile of 6 of spades, or the pile of 8 of hearts, to the top of the 8 of spades. When gaps appear after a move, cards will move automatically to the left to fill the space. Continue the process until the cards are all compressed into one pile.
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